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Q & A

Q: Why have preventative maintenance? 

A: 50% or more of all air conditioning and heat pump failures could be prevented if the problems that lead to the failure were corrected in a timely manner.


Q: What kinds of problems can lead to system failure?

A: An improper charge may increase operating expenses by up to 50% and shorten the life of the compressor by half or more.

Dirty coils or blower can double electrical usage.


Q: What are some indications that my system needs service?

A: If your system cannot keep your house cool when the outdoor temperature is in the 80's. In the winter if your system won't keep your house warm when the outdoor temperature is in the 20's. You have an unexpected increase in your utility bills.


Q: Should I replace my system?

A: If it is 10 years old and needs a major repair this would be the time to replace your system. If repairs are minor and preventative maintenance is routinely performed, replacement is not recommended. 


Q: What is the best brand to buy?

A: There are many good brands. For Freer Heat and Air to recommend a brand it must have a good track record for reliability, have readily available replacement parts, and a manufacturer that stands behind its product with technical support.


Q: Does Freer Heat and Air repair very old systems?

A: Yes, we have repaired systems as much as 30 years old.


Q: Can you get warranty parts if the system was installed by someone else?

A: Yes. 


Q: How long does Freer Heat and Air warranty their work?

The warranty we offer is one year parts and labor on what we install or repair.  Also, many systems come with a 10 year parts warranty and a lifetime heat exchanger warranty from the manufacturer.  


Q: Should I replace the compressor or the entire outside unit?

A: The compressor comes with a one year warranty, the outside unit comes with a five year warranty.  We usually recommend replacing the entire outside unit (condenser).


Q: How does a heat pump work?

A: See this informative video from Georgia Power here.


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